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Welcome To The Journey...
In addition to the myriad of innovative WLS-related info, articles and videos we offer on-site, we are sure you will find an incredibly supportive Community here as well.  So for you whom have undergone bariatric surgery, those of you contemplating weightloss surgery and you who are simply browsing for WLS info, come on in! We have a wonderfully interactive Community full of sharing, supportive & smiling Members who will welcome you with open arms.  Welcome to WLSJourney.org where we are shaping ourselves into healthier people. Yes
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We're Back Online!
In Forum: News & Announcements
By: MsJacquiiC

The Journey is back online....FINALLY!
And stronger than ever after the brief downtime...

I've just sent out an email to all registered members. I just want to take this opportunity to apologize for the downtime. The event that lead to the downtime was out of my control. It's been a...
Thread Title:
We've Upgraded Our WLS Video Gallery
In Forum: News & Announcements
By: MsJacquiiC

Sharing The Knowledge for WLS Success!
View WLS-related videos right here on-site...

We have added a new, upgraded WLS video gallery. You can now view WLS-related videos right here on-site at The Journey Video Gallery. All videos hosted in our video gallery will also be posted on the forums in...
The Journey Video Gallery And Featured WLS Articles

Why Choose Bariatric Surgery?

Obesity has become a significant national health issue. In the last two decades the rates of overweight and obesity for adults and children have nearly doubled, and obesity is fast approaching tobacco as the top underlying preventable...


About Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence program was developed by the ASMBS as a guide to assist patients in choosing an experienced surgeon and hospital program. Clinical evidence shows that the most experienced and best-run bariatric surgery...


Am I A Candidate For Weightloss Surgery?

Only patients considered morbidly obese (having a body mass index greater than 35) or those with debilitating co-morbidities are candidates for bariatric surgery. Below are guidelines you can use to determine if you are a candidate...


Bariatric Testimonial WLS Cuts Cancer Body Contouring LapBand Success
Bariatric Surgery Testimonial Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer Body Contouring After Gastric Bypass 8 Golden Rules for Lap Band Success
Are You Overweight? Find Out By Using Our BMI Calculator
BMI Scale Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women as a way to determine if you’re body is healthy or not.

Please keep in mind that BMI -- as a gage of fitness & weight quality -- can be a bit inaccurate as the measurement does not take into account one's muscle mass.  

BMI Body Comparison
Find Your Ideal Body Weight.
To check your BMI here on The Journey, click the link below, select your gender, and then move the red slider handles or select your height and weight. The results of the BMI calculations are displayed below.

Here Are Your Ideal BMI Classifications:

  • Underweight: Less Than 18.5
  • Normal weight: From 18.5 To 24.9
  • Overweight: Between 25 And 29.9
  • Obesity: Between 30 And 39.9
  • Morbidly Obese: BMI Of 40.0 And Larger
Click Here To Open The Journey BMI Calculator!
Find More Information Regarding BMI In Our Community Forums:
Some Of Our Favorite WLS Journey Community Forum Posts
WelcomeAbout The Journey :: WLS Journey Community Forums

I'm Jacquii Cooke, the Administrator and Owner of WLS Journey Community Forums. It is a pleasure to welcome you to this new online WLS Support Community. I truly hope that The Journey will become your primary online source for WLS support ==> So pull up a seat with your favorite...

Read More »

1-year Surgiversary1-year Surgiversary...

So - I had my 1 year post-op consult a couple days ago. I am officially down 165 pounds from my highest...

Read More »

InsuranceInsurance Coverage...

The surgical treatment of morbid obesity is a covered benefit under many insurance policies. Coverage...

Read More »

TenderloinPork Tenderloin...

Served with a bed of fresh greens for a sensationally lean, protein-packed dinner. Very easy to make...

Read More »

VideosWLS Videos...

Here's a really nice selection of WLS video animations of surgery surgery procedures available today...

Read More »


A tummy tuck, technically known as abdominoplasty, can be performed in several different manners...

Read More »

Personalized LetterA Personalized Letter...

I decided to write a letter on my own behalf to my insurance company in order to gain approvals...

Read More »

Add Your Site!Add Your Site...

Add Your Site To Our Link Directory. That's right! We do have a WLS Link Directory and would love...

Read More »

Reasons for WLS?What Are Your Reasons...

I am feeling a kind of serendipity feeling as I write this. My huge family is here with me...

Read More »

Find Your Caloric Intake Need. Use Our Weight Loss Calculator
Calorie NeedsWhat Are My Daily Calorie Needs?

Ever wonder how many bowls of cereal, lunchtime sandwiches and home cooked dinners it takes to satisfy your daily needs? Calorically speaking...?  Well - You're in luck. Use The Journey Weight Loss Calculator to find out just how many calories you need on a daily basis to stay energized and healthy, and how many calories you need to burn in order to lose weight!

Calorie needs are based on your physical attributes of height, weight, age, and activity level. The more active you are, the more calories you need to keep your body running. Once you know your needs levels you can keep an eye on nutrition labels to stay balanced.

Click Here To Open The Journey Weight Loss Calculator!

Introducing: WLS Journey Recipe Central
Our sister-site WLS Journey Recipe Central offers a wide variety of recipes suitable for weight loss surgery post-ops free of charge. There's protein shakes, low-carb desserts, main dish cuisine and many other healthy dishes to satiate the diverse eater in all of us. Check the site out at ==> recipes.WLSJourney.org <== Bookmark it! It's sure to become one of your favorites!

Fuzzy Orange Smoothie

This refreshing drink is summer in a glass....

View Recipe...

Roast Salmon Provencal

Fat-free Italian dressing adds the zing...

View Recipe...

Chocolate Monkey Bars

These sweeties are deliciously sugar-free...

View Recipe...

Protein Waffles

Who needs eggo’s? Try this protein-packed breakfast...

View Recipe...

Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Pea pods, peppers and mushrooms flavors the soup...

View Recipe...

WLS Journey Recipe Central
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